Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Volunteering in Cochabamba & Textile Presentation

As some of you already know, I've decided to stay in Cochabamba for a month. The weather is great every day as its at a lower altitude than most of Bolivia and everything is absolutely dirt cheap! Me and my mate Rich joined a gym, and membership for the month was £5, breakfast is 50p every day... more on that in another post; I'm currently trying to hunt down the best frutas ensalada in Cochabamba.

So aside from pumping I-ron and trying to improve my terrible Spanish, I've been volunteering for a small textiles company here. They only have around 8 bolivian ladies working for them, sewing a variety of alpaca products by hand, and they have been going for around 15 years. 

I have just finished my first week, and I mainly did market research to determine whether they could attract designers from abroad and began brainstorming ideas for a company website - something they desperately need in order to attract foreign business. Anyway, my first presentation is embedded below, check it out!

One more thing for those of you who that are interested, the link to the foundation that arranged my internship - Sustainable Bolivia - is here. Thoroughly recommend them. You have the option of staying in one of their 4 houses here in Cochabamba, or for a small fee you can stay with a host family. Personally I opted to stay in one of their houses because there are some great people here and secondly, I dont think the poor Bolivian family would appreciate my nocturnal weekend hours.

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