Wednesday, 25 August 2010

South America Newsreel & Free Reggae Download

In an effort to keep learning Spanish I've decided to start translating an article from a newspaper once a week. Now my Spanish is a long way from being able to do this without google translate, but it does help in familiarizing yourself with sentence structure and the little essential pronouns.

I'm not sure if you've heard about this on the news in England, but I found this story really shocking especially after visiting the mines in Potosi, Bolivia, which I blogged about a while back.

There are currently 33 Chilean miners trapped 600m underground in the San Jose mine in northern Chile.

So far the miners have been trapped for 20 days, and an 8cm supply hole has been drilled to provide oxygen and supplies, a telephone line has also been set up so that the trapped workers can communicate with loved ones. What the trapped workers do not currently know, however, is that it could take 4 months to drill a hole wide enough to rescue them. 

The temperature that far underground is around 35 degrees Celsius, and the men are currently taking refuge in a shelter off one of the main tracks that is just 50 square meters. Obviously this also poses serious health risks with so many people in such a small space.

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has told the workers that  "We will knock on every door, we will search for every bit of technology, equipment, every expert, so we can get you out alive. Because for us, being able to rescue you alive is a promise that signifies the soul, the love and the spirit of the Chilean people." Hopefully they will be out before Christmas.

ACS - The News

While I mention the news, I wanted to share a track by my buddies from back home - ACS. They have just finished the final touches to these recordings they did in Barcelona earlier in the year. They play an eclectic reggae fusion, with a style that has been refined through many years of practice and good times. I really hope this album works out for them.

The News is probably my favourite track off the album, you can download it by following the link above.



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Gareth said...

Thats crazy bro, your lucky it didn't happen when you were there!