Thursday, 23 December 2010

Lunar Eclipse

Saw quite a cool sight from the roof of the hostel here in Santa Marta the other night. The total lunar eclipse was visible in it's entirety in North and South America and apparently was the first time since 1378 a total lunar eclipse has fallen on the winter solstice.

It was hard to get a decent photo of it and the stars didn't show up which is a shame, but it was great to see the moon turn red as the earths atmosphere refracted the light from the sun, and also - because of the lack of light in the sky, we were able to see a meteor shower too.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Caribbean Coast

To compensate for the lack of posts this last month I've knocked up another little video to try and show you where I am at the moment. I'm working at a hostel in Santa Marta, Colombia, trying to cut down on expenses before NZ.

I don't have that much footage because I don't tend to take the camera to the beach, but one day when we were at Taganga (the next bay to Santa Marta), we saw these fisherman hauling in a catch using these huge nets. Enjoy...

Although it hardly feels like it's Christmas-time here, apart from at the beach front in Santa Marta which rivals Blackpool illuminations in its colourful array of bulbs, Merry Christmas everyone.