Tuesday, 10 May 2011

what happened?

So now that I’ve arrived in Melbourne after a long delay I thought I’d share a few things that happened while I was in New Zealand. Firstly I’ve made a short video to show you what it was like working at a winery in Marlborough. Although ‘working at a winery’ sounds like a lovely, romantic, dreamy affair where we frolic in the sun barefoot upon the grapes, it’s not, surprisingly. The actual reality of 12 hour noisy night shifts in the freezing cold, going home with grapes down you’re pants (more about that another time) is enough to put the most budding blogger off regularly updating. However, I will say I did enjoy the experience, because I like wine and it was interesting to see how it’s made. Nevertheless, I don’t think I will be making a career for myself in winemaking.

I havn’t gone into the production in any detail really because, well, most of you probably don’t care, but you would be amazed to see some of the things that go into wine. At one point we added dry oak chips into the must pump to give the impression of aging in our pinot noir which I thought was quite cheeky.

(apologies for the bad quality, it was filmed off my phone!)

Out of all the places I visited in New Zealand, which were mainly in the north island, I have to say that the nations capital, Wellington blows the rest out of the water in terms of how cool it is. Perhaps it was somehting to do with the fact I didn't have a cloudy day both times I visited ( I was told it can often rain sideways in the windy winter) but the architecture, artwork, and cool, creative vibrancy of the place was incredible.

huge reflective sculptures at the waterfront
View back on the city from the waterfront

Kids jumping into the clear sea

Some maori inspired art