Friday, 25 June 2010


Using Paratay as our base I got a bus to the small fishing village and paradise that is Trinidade (Trin-ee-da-jee). You soon get used to the 'chee' sound that Brazillians love to use - even English looking words; Internet (in-ter-ne-chee), Facebook (face-ee-boo-chee). I can't get my head round where i'm meant to use it but apparently no word is complete without a bit of chee action.

The 20 minute bus ride to Trinidade was crazy. I wished I had my video camera as we flew through the twisty jungle roads descending down to sea level. Quite a few times I got air going over bumps and literally came out my seat. Nevertheless, on this journey we got talking to a guy from Paratay called Johnny who spoke really good English. He was heading to the beach too. We were asking himwhere we should go and he agreed to show us a few sights.

After chilling on the beach for a while, he took us to look at the coves around the bay, using a network of steep pathways through the jungle that grows over the islands. I properly felt like I was Robinson Crusoe as we made our way though this surreal landscape, climbing over huge round boulders and great tree roots. The final cove was the best - although we missed the sun disappearing behind the rocks by a few minutes. The cove was protected from the open ocean by a reef, so the water was still and there was this beautiful french girl swimming there, she said she'd been living in Trinidade for 4 months, I can see why it would be easy to stay.

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