Friday, 9 July 2010

B.A. - City of the dead

Buenos Aires is anything but dead, but in the district of Recoleta there is the famous walled cemetery where Eva Peron is buried. Now I havn't even seen Evita, so that wasn't my reason for going, although I did see her grave by following the line of Japanese tourists.

What can I say, it was a pretty nice grave. Unfortunately a lot of the excitement was a bit lost on me - I felt most ignorant when I 'overheard' an American women saying 'Oh my God, I just want to say I've touched it'...

You do get a kind of morbid fascination wandering around the place though, and I must admit I felt compelled to get involved in some grave-touching myself. What's most eerie about it is that many of the tombs have windows which look in on the coffin, not buried or anything, just there decaying. The other weird thing is that I havn't seen any cats in Buenos Aires yet, but there were loads in the cemetery. Not sure what all that's about but pretty spooky!

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